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The main ‘feeling like a goddam hero’ point for me was probably when we did the fire mission on the first night and I had just stabilised a hiker when I got hit by an exploding tree and used determination to heroically struggle back to my feet to drag people out.

Alexander Martin (Maze) 14th December 2016

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Forcing myself to run despite walking with a limp from a genuine leg injury to burst from the gate into the bar area to put myself between a brood warrior and squishies and holding it until the reinforcements got there. Felt like a Jaeger in human form in that moment.

Daniel Wild (Stalwart) 14th December 2016

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I was a complete LARP noob at E2, and worried I wasn’t going to be very good. But everyone took to Petra instantly, and I became, essentially, a human tank all weekend! The real highlight was the Saturday night forest mission; when your whole team turns to you and tells you to get them the hell out of there, trusting you fully to do so, that’s when you know you’re doing a good job. Mother Russia leaves no man behind!

Hannah Duxfield (Petra) 2nd February 2017

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This was my very first LARP event. I have to admit, I was a bit wary and apprehensive when I first arrived. But I had a chat with a few of the people who were staffing the event who helped set me at ease. Ran by the loveliest bunch of people you will ever meet, and the story setting is absolutely incredible. Definitely recommend attending!

Ryan Pritchard (Clone) 2nd February 2017

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I would watch the crap out of this film. Repeatedly. Then lend it to all my friends and get them to watch it. This game has incredible writers, incredible crew, and incredible players.

However, playing through that kind of dilemma was really soul destroying. I was on the verge of tears several times. That isn’t a negative by the way, I’m genuinely impressed and proud of the players and game team to evoke that kind of reaction from me. I don’t often get moved by fiction, but this weekend seriously got to me.

Catriona Richards (Lily) 22nd March 2017

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Future’s End Event 3 was my first LARP.

After attending the event I immediately booked Event 4, amongst other LARPs

Without the awesomeness that is the crew, the world, and the players, I would not have been able to pick up LARP as a hobby. Thank you!

Matt Martin (Doc) 19th May 2017