This page is designed to help you get started with playing Future’s End! If anyone has further questions, please contact us either by email or our Facebook page.


  1. Read the wiki
    It may seem an obvious one, but the Wiki is the only way you’ll get a feel for the game and what you want to do.
  2. Decide on the essentials
    The essential decisions you need to make for your character are Faction, Meta-Type and Skills. This makes up the bare bones of your character, and information on each of these topics can be found on the wiki.
  3. Sign Up
    All players must be signed up to our website, as not only is this where you buy tickets, but it’s also where we gather your contact details and your character information! Register using the button at the top right of the web page. Your profiles are private and can only be viewed by the Future’s End administration team.
  4. Set up your OOC Profile
    Click the “Your Profile” button at the top right once you’ve signed in, then the “Profile” title on the Dashboard. This is your OC profile, where you enter your real name so we can identify your account.
  5. Set up your IC Profile.
    On the Dashboard, click the “Character” title. This is where you enter the details for your character. Go through the questionnaire and select the relevant skills to your character. Then, add the additional information asked for by the form, such as your character background, secrets etc. Please note that you cannot change your character build once it is submitted, but you can add to your background/secrets etc.


You’re done! This is the basics of how to set yourself up to play Future’s End LARP. Once done, you can then click the “Buy Tickets” button to purchase tickets for the events you would like to attend. At the start of each year, we often have offers to encourage early ticket purchases, so keep an eye out for those.

After this, there are some optional things you can also do…

  • Join the FB groups
    There is an official Future’s End page which is run by the Game Team, as well as a Future’s End discussion group, and Alpha team group and an Omega team group.
  • Create an IC Twitter account
    Each player is permitted to make a single twitter account for their active character, and interact with other players between events. Please read our guidance on Downtimes and Social Media for more information.
  • Join the OC Training Group
    Several members were inspired to begin a fitness/training group for Future’s End players, to help get that little bit closer to a superhero physique. It’s ideal for people who need an extra push to stay active, and want a group of people to share their experiences with. You can find it at Future’s End Superhero Training Camp