Q: What does my NERF blaster count as, A pistol, Rifle or Heavy gun?
A: Please download this PDF for the most common NERF blasters and their classification.


Q: How do I apply my XP spend and downtime actions?
A: Send an e-mail wth your request to downtime@futuresendevents.co.uk.


Q: I need some information about my character from the old website, where do I get this from?
A: Send an e-mail with your request to adam@futuresendevent.co.uk.


Q: I have a general question about something, where can I ask this?
A: Please use the contact us form on the website or e-mail info@futuresendevents.co.uk.


Q: Can I respec my character?
A: You may respec your character until it is played. Once your character has attended an event you can no long change skills.


Q: Can I change my meta-type in play?
A: No.


Q: Can I choose to be from the Human Coalition, or play as a Super Villain?
A: No. All Players must be part of either Operation: Alpha, or Project: Omega.


Q: Can I come and monster/crew an event instead of playing?
A: For most events, Future’s End runs an Invite Only monster crew policy. This is because our crew are subject to a large amount of background and meta information about the game. For some events will waive this and will put out an open call on social media for monsters/crew.


Q: Can I transfer resources between characters during downtime?
A: No.


Q: Can I submit a free text downtime?
A: No.


Q: Can my character make a Will to transfer all my belongings to another player upon my character’s death?
A: No. This goes against the spirit of the game.